Designing Your Sign

The sign you create will be your foundation for your message.  Advertising, promotion and brand awareness are all key components that you will need to put into place when designing your sign.  The first step in your design process is determining what type of custom metal signs salem or you will create. 

Metal signs are durable and will stand the test of time.  Made from high quality materials these signs are able to withstand the elements as well as be formed into any shape or configuration you want.  When dealing with other types of signs you will get a cheaper product and one that may have different uses.

The message

custom metal signs salem or

The message on your sign should be simple.  When designing messages for your business, people don’t want to read a book or be lead down the path of a story.  The purpose of a sign is to catch your prospects attention and have them do an action. 

Two Second Attention Span

In the design process remember to work with a two second attention span.  The first second is your prospect becoming aware of your sign and the second is your prospect seeing and understanding your message.  From there action will either be taken, or it won’t.


Each color on your sign should be considered carefully.  With each additional color your price will go up.  Also, if you have too many colors or other flashy content your sign will be overlooked, or the message may take too long for them to make a decision.

Four words max

When designing your sign message, have the main message be no more than four words max.  “Free Beer”. “Half Price”, “This Weekend Only!” are all good options to have for your main message.  Once people see and read these words they will know if they have an interest in learning more.  If not then they will move on.

Using these tips in creating your signs will get you more results.